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Cyber Command HQ Fight Ramps Up

The battle to win the headquarters for the Air Force's Cyber Command should be boisterous and hard-fought. It will bring military jobs with a pretty bright future and desirable high-tech companies will probably cluster around the new command. The people doing those jobs will be well paid, just the kind of jobs a community wants to attract.

The folks at Aviation Week's have an update, which I've excerpted below. A nod to Bettina H. Chavanne, who wrote the Oct. 17 story.

"The list of possible headquarter bases for the U.S. Air Force Cyber Command will be winnowed down and evaluated more closely over the next three to four months, according to Maj. Gen. William Lord, chief of the provisional command.

There is fierce competition to provide a home for the planned Cyber Command. A list of 56 bases is being reviewed by the Pentagon, Lord told Aerospace DAILY. In March, then-USAF Secretary Michael Wynne responded to 18 states' governors interested in hosting the new command to join in the basing process. Requests for information were sent out in May and responses were due back by July 1.

Cyber Command has been in suspended animation ever since the turnover of top Air Force leadership this past summer. "My tasking is to come back with a roadmap that defines [Cyber]," Lord said. Although priority is still being given to issues dealing with better management of the service's so-called nuclear enterprise, Lord said a decision was made to stand up the command.

Lord is confident that Cyber Command's designation as a so-called Numbered Air Force (NAF), the 24th under the USAF Space Command, is the best decision. "That's the way we fight today," he said. "It's not important which major command it falls under because the [capability is available] to all of the Combatant Commanders (COCOMS)." For example, he said, Air Combat Command organizes, trains and equips air-breathing assets, which are used by U.S. units in Europe and the Pacific for the commanders in those regions. "In the case of Cyber, you don't have hard assets," Lord said. "Network warfare is more distributed."


We'll try and bring you some of the political shenanigans as the Air Force gets closer to an actual selection.

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