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LockMar Leads Naughty Contractor List


The folks at the Project on Government Oversight (fondly known as POGO) issue a list -- the Federal Contractor Misconduct Database -- detailing who they believe breaks the rules, laws and regulations governing federal procurement.

POGO has updated the list and Lockheed Martin remains the company with the most incidents -- 47. Boeing can breath a sigh of relief having slipped from second place, exchanging places with Exxon Mobil, which has 32 incidents. Northrop Grumman yielded third place to General Electric, who had 30. POGO offers a cumulative number of incidents, starting in 1995.

The POGO press release notes that "25 of the top 100 contractors do not have any known instances of misconduct in the database. [Have a look at the dollar amounts by each contractor.] The fact that one quarter of the government’s top 100 contractors have no known instances of misconduct belies the myth that any company big enough to do business with the government will inevitably have multiple instances of wrongdoing. Additionally, 14 of the contractors only have one instance in the database, which means that 39 of the top 100 government contractors do not show a pattern of misconduct."

That is a nice bit of balance.

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