Will There Still Be Veterans Day Discounts in 2020?

Supporters attend the Veterans Day Parade in New York, New York.
Supporters attend the 2019 Veteran’s Day Parade in New York, New York. (U.S. Marines/John Jackson)

Every November, hundreds of businesses show their appreciation for the military by offering military discounts, deals and freebies in honor of Veterans Day. But the challenges of 2020 meant the at least temporary closure of many restaurants, retailers and travel and recreation destinations like amusement parks and zoos. So can we still expect to see those beloved Veterans Day discounts for 2020?

The answer is yes -- but shoppers should be ready for some changes.

So what can you expect this Veterans Day? Here are some tips for taking advantage of the military discounts being offered in 2020:

Expect Veterans Day discount changes

Just because that restaurant you love is still offering a Veterans Day discount this year, it may not be safe to assume it's the same discount offered in years past. Pay attention to the details.

For instance, a restaurant that offered a free meal from a select menu in previous years may have changed their 2020 discount to a half-priced meal (like McCormick & Schmick's) or a certain dollar amount off the meal (like Houlihan's).

Another change is that while many restaurants used to require a dine-in meal to redeem the discount or freebie, some are now allowing the discount to also be applied to take-out orders.

And some restaurants may require a new procedure to take advantage of the discount. For example, the restaurant Red Robin now requires a Red Robin Royalty membership to be completed online in order to get your free burger during a time period after Veterans Day.

Keep checking for Veterans Day 2020 discounts

Businesses may be announcing their Veterans Day discounts a little later than usual this year. Military.com will be updating our ongoing list of discounts through Veterans Day, so please keep checking back frequently.

Your favorite discounted Veterans Day event may have gone virtual

Just because a discount isn't available this year for a particular event, don't assume the event isn't happening. For instance, the Alamo once offered free tours to the military on Veterans Day, however this year they are holding a virtual event to celebrate Veterans Day.

When in doubt, call ahead to check on your Veterans Day discount

If you're not sure if your favorite business is offering a Veterans Day military discount this year, reach out and ask. If the answer is yes, make sure to ask any other questions you may have, such as what form of ID they require for proof of service or if it's a restaurant, whether or not you can book reservations and whether or not the discount is valid for to-go orders.

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