Shades of Green: The Military's Disney Resort


Imagine waking up in the middle of the magic that is a Disney vacation! There is no other place on Earth that has the ability to make you forget the cares of the outside world the way Disney parks can.

Shades of Green is a military owned and operated resort located right on Walt Disney World property. It is one of the worldwide Armed Forces Recreation Centers.

Military families can stay at Disney World in Shades’ deluxe rooms at substantially less than they’d pay at comparable Disney resorts nearby.

Shades of Green offers large beautiful rooms, all the recreation options you’d find at a deluxe resort, and discounted theme park tickets for Disney World and all the other Orlando area attractions.

My family and I first stayed there in 2000 for a weeklong Disney World vacation. The great rates at Shades of Green, which are based on rank, were what allowed us to afford such a long trip. 

That vacation is one of my family’s most memorable as it was our very first multi-day Disney World trip. We’ve since been back many times using Disney’s Armed Forces Salute.

Military Pricing

Shades of Green offers lower cost deluxe resort rooms on Disney World property for military members and their supporters.  Shades has three different price categories. Lower ranking members pay less than more senior members do. This enables military members who don’t make as much to still be able to afford vacation at Disney World. The best perk of staying at Shades is the low price. Standard and Poolside rooms range from $95 to $141 per night year round! 

Resort Amenities

Dining – Shades of Green has several restaurant options, a sit-down Italian restaurant, buffets, a sports bar, a grab and go option for a quick breakfast on the way to the parks, and even a small Starbucks location.

Recreation – Shades of green has two pools, one in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. There are mini arcades for the kids as well as some free Xbox 360s and Wiis they can play with.

Fitness/Relaxation – Shades has a fully equipped fitness center with your usual treadmills and steppers, resistance equipment. They offer yoga and zumba lessons and have a full service spa on property.

Transportation – Shades has its own fleet of buses, which is independent from Disney’s transportation system. Shades buses run to a limited number of locations on property but guests are welcome to use the Disney transportation system as well.

Attraction Ticket Sales

Shades of Green has a ticket sales office where they sell military discounted tickets for not only Disney World but also all the other Orlando attractions. 

You can purchase Disney theme park tickets (both the Armed Forces Salute and regular military discounted), Disney water park tickets, Universal Studios tickets, SeaWorld tickets, and many others.

A Great Option

I just love the low-key friendly atmosphere. It is a smaller deluxe resort and everyone who stays there is part of the same “family.” I find guests are much friendlier to each other than at the Disney resorts.

Shades of Green is definitely a great option for military families to consider when planning their Walt Disney World vacation. 

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