July 4th Discounts Are Catching Up to Veterans Day Discounts

table set with July 4th decorations

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Veterans Day is a time to show appreciation for those who have served and traditionally many businesses, like restaurants and retailers, offer a special discount on that day. The practice has become so popular, many are offering those same discounts over the 4th of July. Restaurants, retailers and even theme parks are among those hopping on the chance to give military members the same or similar discounts as those they offer on Veterans Day.

That makes the 4th of July the second-best time of the year to do some shopping, traveling or dining. Want to leverage those discounts even further? Using a credit card with a rewards program can mean that discounted meal also earns you points on your card.

Using your Credit Cards for Points

Even with a discount eating out can be expensive, and feeding a yard full of your friends at a holiday cookout isn’t much cheaper. Use a card like the Navy Federal More Rewards American Express® card* from Navy Federal Credit Union, which offers three times the points at supermarkets and gas stations, two times the points at restaurants, and one point on everything else. Right now, you could even earn 30,000 bonus points.

Rewards for Travel

If you’d rather take advantage of travel discounts over the 4th of July, look for a card that offers rewards for travel. Navy Federal’s Visa Signature® Flagship Rewards card, which was recognized by WalletHub as “Best Military Credit Card for Travel Rewards” in 2018, provides three times the points for every one dollar you spend on travel, and two times the points on everything else.

Leverage Retailer Discounts

If you’re looking to leverage the 4th of July discounts offered by retailers, you can use a credit card with a cash back offering. That way, you get both the discount and cash back on a purchase you mays not otherwise have made. The 4th of July is an excellent time to buy that new grill, lawn mower, or home improvement items you’ve been waiting on. By buying around the holiday and using a rewards card like Navy Federal’s cashRewards, which earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, you can pay less and earn more cash back at the same time.

And don’t overlook the discounts in the credit cards themselves. While it may not be a 4th of July discount, many credit card offerings have special programs and pricing for military members, veterans or their families. Shop around to find the one that best suits your family and look for the discount at all stages of your purchases.

Military and veteran discounts are growing in popularity and the 4th of July is fast becoming an excellent time for military members, veterans, and their families to take advantage of the thanks being offered by appreciative organizations. Increase the discounts by shopping around for the right credit card to use on these limited time offers and earn your family points or even cash back on your holiday items or travel.

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*The Navy Federal More Rewards American Express® Card is issued and administered by Navy Federal Credit Union. American Express is a federally registered service mark of American Express and is used by the issuer pursuant to a license.

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