Deployment: Recreational Activities


Separation from your loved one can be a painful process, but the important thing is not to mope, or stop going about your usual activities. Physical exercise can be a great way to burn off stress and keep healthy, both in mind and body.

Military installations offer a variety of recreational activities and opportunities both on and off base. Services offered will vary base to base dependent upon the population, geographic location, and local interest. Whether or not you live in close proximity to a military installation, you may be able to take advantage of discounted travel and tickets to popular tourist attractions. Click here to learn more about travel opportunities and attractions. Certain eligibility restrictions may apply. The following activities are examples of what you might find at a military installation. Reserve members and their family members must have an ID card to participate.

Gymnasiums and field houses: Gyms and field houses offer year-round physical fitness programs for women and men. Many have professional weight-lifting rooms and work-out equipment with physical trainers. Aerobics and other physical activity classes are offered. Some gyms have saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, and courts for indoor sports. Some sites provide child-care.

Intramural Sports: Most bases offer a variety of intramural sports for all ages.

Swimming Pools: Some swimming pools are free while others charge a small fee.

Sports Facilities: Bowling centers, golf courses, skating rinks, horse stables, and skeet ranges offer onbase recreation at a much reduced cost compared to similar commercial facilities.

Youth Centers: Activities for children and adolescent ranging from loosely structured activities and games to tours, trips, and parties.

Day Care: Child Development Centers and Family Home Care programs provide state-of-the-art day care for young children. Some centers offer referral services for your local community.

Theaters: Latest movies are shown at a reduced fee (some base movies are free). Community thespians, bands, and chorale groups perform.

Automotive Shop: Automotive shops are equipped for individuals to do their own repairs on their vehicles. Tools and equipment are generally provided.

Craft Shops: Hobby shops specializing in woodworking, matting and framing, photography, electronics, ceramics, metal working, or other arts and crafts activities. Classes are generally offered.

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