WATCH: Israeli Air Force Strikes Syrian Army Targets


The Israeli air force on Saturday released video showing one of its aircraft striking Syrian army targets after projectiles from Syria were mistakenly fired into Israel.

"Earlier today, in response to over 10 projectiles fired at Israel, an IAF aircraft targeted 3 positions belonging to the Syrian regime," a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces wrote in a tweet accompanying the video.

It wasn't immediately clear what kind of projectiles landed on the Israeli-administered western side of the Golan Heights, but they were believed to be errant and a result of the fighting from the six-year-old civil war in Syria.

Israeli policy is to keep the conflict from affecting its territory by retaliating with military force, if necessary.

The black-and-white footage includes an aerial view of the strikes, which targeted a heavy machine gun and two tank positions. Check it out below.


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