New Animated Film Depicts Iran Defeating US Navy


The graphics are familiar to any video gamer, the imagery similar to many American war films.  But this is a story of U.S. defeat, in a blaze of missiles, at the hands of the Iranian military.

Called "Battle of Persian Gulf II," the feature-length CGI film is directed by Farhad Azima, who told Reuters he had been working on the project for four years. He added, however, that the timing of the films release, coinciding with the start of the Trump presidency, was fortuitous.

"I hope that the film shows [President Donald] Trump how American soldiers will face a humiliating defeat if they attack Iran," Azima told the publication.


A preview of the film shows what appear to be U.S. soldiers landing in a region dotted with palm trees via helicopter insert, only to be picked off, one-by-one by bearded Iranian troops driving tanks. In another scene, an unidentified Navy ship is obliterated by a surface-to-surface missile. And, in what appears to be a lead-up to a grim finale, an order from a grey-haired commander sends missiles launching in geysers of black smoke from locations across the Iranian landscape.

Azima told Reuters the commander in the film is meant to be Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps commander Qassem Soleimani, though he was asked not to name the officer specifically. The film, which concludes with American warships at the bottom of the sea, is a response to American narratives of military dominance, he said.

"Hollywood has created many films against Iran; There are many computer games in which U.S. soldiers conquer our country," Azima told Reuters. "We made this film as an answer to that propaganda."

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