Museum Launches Virtual Tours of Historic US Bombers


The Museum of Flight has launched virtual tours of historic U.S. bombers, including the B-17F Flying Fortress and B-29 Superfortress, among other aircraft.

The largest private air and space museum in the world located at Boeing Field near Seattle, teamed with Microsoft Corp. to bring the free online service to aviation enthusiasts, according to Ted Huetter, a spokesman for the organization.

"We just put everything live," he told in a telephone interview on Friday.

In addition to the World War II-era bombers, the museum also offers virtual-reality tours of such civilian aircraft as the Boeing 737 and Boeing 747 commercial airliners and the Concorde supersonic aircraft.

"Our intention is to have any many VR tours of these planes as possible," Huetter said.

Check out the full virtual reality tours at Meantime, check out this 360-degree view of the B-17 cockpit:


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