Rockwell Collins to Unify Helmet Display Work for F-15s, F-16s


The U.S. Air Force has awarded Rockwell Collins-ESA Vision Systems a contract worth $20,270,722 for repair support of the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, or JHMCS.

The Fort Worth, Texas contractor will consolidate Air Force F-15, F-16, and foreign military sales repair support for JHMCS into one individual five-year contract for non-commercial items, according to a Defense Department press release.

Work will be performed at Atlanta, Georgia; and Talladega, Alabama, and is expected to be complete by April 12, 2021.

This contract involves foreign military sales to 13 countries and is the result of a sole-source acquisition, according to the release.

The Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System is a modular helmet display mounted on a lightweight HGU 55/P helmet shell that can accommodate a day or night module, according to information released by Rockwell.

The day module provides a 20-degree field-of-view visor projected monocular display, while night module options including Night Vision Cueing Display (NVCD) QuadEye™ (100-degree by 40-degree field of view)or NVCD Aviator Night Vision Imaging System (40-degree field of view), with symbology or video inserted into the night-vision scene, according to the company.

JHMCS, which incorporates a highly accurate magnetic tracking system, providing the pilot full situational awareness throughout the canopy field-or-regard, is in full-rate production and is operational on the F-15, F-16 and F/A-18, according to the company.

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