F-35 Still Dogged With 'Deficiencies': Pentagon Report

The U.S. military's futuristic F-35 fighter jet remains dogged by dangerous problems sure to further complicate what is already the most expensive weapons project in history, a Pentagon report says.

The plane, which boasts a version that can take off and land vertically, is supposed to form the backbone of the military's future fighter fleet, ensuring U.S. dominance in the skies for years to come with radar-evading technology.

The military has already taken delivery of dozens of the planes, but new batches continue to be refined and tested.

In the latest blow to the program, engineers uncovered a slew of flaws during extensive testing of the newest versions of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Pentagon report found, adding to a litany of issues including software bugs, technical glitches and cost overruns.

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