Video: Navy Brand New Laser Protects Ponce in Persian Gulf


Navy's Laser Weapon SystemNavy admirals showed off the laser mounted to the USS Ponce Wednesday to the Pentagon press corps as the Navy announced it was confident the laser could protect the sailors aboard the Ponce, which is deployed to the Persian Gulf.

As part of the media blitz, the Navy released this video showing the litany of testing the 30-kilowatt laser executed before Navy leaders felt comfortable make the declaration. The video shows sailors shooting down small drones and hitting targets on fast attack boats -- two of the major threats Navy surface ships face.

The Navy's Laser Weapon System, or LaWS, uses heat energy from lasers to disable or destroy targets fast, slow, stationary and moving targets. The system has successfully incinerated drones and other targets in tests shots, and is now operational aboard an amphibious transport dock, the USS Ponce.

Rear Adm. Matthew L. Klunder, chief of naval research at the Office of Naval Research, was quick to point out some of the saving the laser will provide. Klunder said a laser shot costs 59-cents versus the mult-million price tag that comes with firing an interceptor missile such as the Standard Missile-2.'s Kris Osborn listened in to Klunder's briefing and posts a more through article on the new laser here.

The video is below or you can click here to watch it.


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