ISIS Releases Photos of Militants Using U.S. M113s as VBIEDS


M113-ISIS-600x400ISIS militants have loaded U.S. M113 armored personnel carriers and are using them as vehicle born IEDs against Iraqi Security Forces, according to photos release by militants with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

U.S. forces rarely drove the M113s brought to Iraq outside the wire because the vehicles were so susceptible to buried improvised explosive devices. Rather than ship the aging armored personnel carriers, U.S. officials left many M113s with the Iraqis after U.S. troops returned home. ISIS militants have since taken those M113s in northern Iraq since overrunning Iraqi army bases.

The photos released by ISIS show the M113s driving through side streets of Amiriyat al Fallujah in eastern Anbar province. The photos of the M113s are then followed by explosions, supposedly of explosive-laden M113s hitting Iraqi Security Forces positions.

ISIS first disseminated the photos on Twitter before they were picked up by the Long War Journal.


M113 ISIS3

M113 ISIS4

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