Littoral Combat Ship: What Does the Future Hold?



The Littoral Combat Ship program was one of the leading topics at the Sea Air Space Exposition outside Washington D.C. last week as Navy leaders continued to protect it from critics who said the ship is not built for the correct mission sets. A government watchdog even reported that 7th Fleet officials told investigators that the LCS is not suited for the Pacific.

The Navy’s director of surface warfare, Rear Adm. Tom Rowden, sat down with last week to discuss the embattled program and why the Navy must continue to add these ships to the fleet. The video above covers his views on the program and where it must go from here.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel dealt the program it's most serious blow this past year when he announced that the proposed LCS fleet will shrink from 52 to 32. Despite the decision, Navy admirals have said the program is still vital to the service's future and the ship will prove its worth.

Associate editor Kris Osborn and Managine Edtior Ho Lin walked the show floor last week to get reaction on the program's future.

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