Air Force Reaper Crashes Over Lake Ontario


Training to huntA U.S. Air National Guard MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aircraft dropped out of the sky while conducting training operations at altitudes greater than 18,000 feet above  Lake Ontario, service officials said.

“The satellite control link failed and the aircraft descended into the lake. The U.S. Coast Guard went looking for the aircraft but did not find anything,” Erik Durr, director of public affairs for New York state division of military and naval affairs, told

The Reaper was assigned to the 174th Air Attack Wing operating out of Wheeler Sack Army Airfield, Fort Drum, Ny.

“No one was injured and the aircraft had no weapons on board,” Durr added. “The 174th Air Attack Wing is the MQ-9 school house for the entire Air Force. Pilots and sensor operators from around the country come here to learn how to operate the Reaper.”

The training exercise was taking place in approved military training airspace over Lake Ontario.

“They’ll conduct an Air Force investigation,” Durr said.

This crash comes a less than a month after an MQ-1B Predator drone crashed at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico.

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