Oshkosh Delivers JLTV Prototype



Oshkosh Defense delivered its first Joint Light Tactical Vehicle prototype for the next phase of government testing to replace the outdated Humvee.

The Aug. 7 ceremony occurred as the Pentagon prepares to open the engineering and manufacturing development phase of the program. Oshkosh Defense is scheduled to deliver another 21 JLTV prototypes this month.

Oshkosh, Lockheed Martin and AM General were awarded EMD contracts for the JLTV program in August 2012. The three defense companies have until 2014 to build their prototypes for testing. So far, the joint Marine Corps and Army program has avoided cuts brought on by massive defense spending reductions under sequestration.

Oshkosh officials maintain that their JLTV prototype will deliver unprecedented levels of mobility, survivability, transportability and life-cycle value for the JLTV program.

“The JLTV will fill a vital capabilities gap in the military’s light vehicle fleet and protect our men and women in uniform for decades to come,” said John Urias, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and president of Oshkosh Defense, in a recent press release. “The Oshkosh JLTV solution we are now submitting for government testing transforms the concept of what a light vehicle can be – merging key design aspects of high-performance tactical vehicles and highly survivable combat vehicles. The result is a new level of protected mobility in a light platform.”

Oshkosh also builds the MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle, a platform that has seen extensive combat in Afghanistan.

Prototypes being delivered include a four-door multi-purpose variant and two-door utility variant. They also feature Oshkosh's TAK-4i intelligent independent suspension system and a digitally controlled Duramax engine designed to power through steep inclines and deep desert sands, Oshkosh officials maintain.

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