MBDA Adapts Brimstone to Target Swarming Fast Attack Craft


brimstone sea spearPARIS -- A missile used primarily to kill tanks could soon protect the U.S. Navy's Littoral Combat Ship from swarming fast attack craft.

MBDA Missile Systems has adapted the well known Brimstone missile to specifically target fast attack craft while being fired from a naval vessel, officials said Wednesday at the Paris Air Show.

On May 29, the company completed a test in which it fired three Brimstone Sea Spears hitting two static vessels and one vessel moving 20 knots near Scotland. Encouraged by the demonstration, MBDA is looking to market the naval weapon to countries such as the U.S. and U.K.

The U.K. already fires the Dual Mode Brimstone from their Tornados. The missile has received notoriety for its performance in Afghanistan and Libya. U.S. officials have shown interest in potentially firing them from the Reaper.

The Sea Spear is the first variant of the Brimstone designed to be fired from a naval vessel. The missile tracks the target with a millimeter waver seeker eliminating the potential of losing the target behind the crests of the waves.

MBDA designed it as a fire-and-forget missile that can eliminate swarming targets autonomously. It is a canister-launched missile that can be mounted to a building or a naval vessel as small as 14 meters.

Douglas Denneny, a vice president for MBDA based in Washington D.C., said the Sea Spear could protect the Navy's new LCS fleet from the fast attack boats driven by the Iranian navy.

Those interested in the Sea Spear won't have to wait. MBDA officials Frank Morgan and Mark Sheehan said the naval missile system is available immediately.

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