X95 rifle gets new conversion kit


Israel Weapon Industries has introduced a new conversion kit for its X95 assault rifle, allowing operators to now choose between 5.45mm, 5.56mm and 9mm ammunition.

The X95 is a compact weapon designed for the Israel Defense Force and similar type units. The conversion kit was designed to make the X95 compatible with 5.45mm ammunition used by eastern militaries in addition to the NATO 5.56mm and 9mm calibers.

IWI officials maintain that the kit will make the X95 the only weapon in the world that can use these three popular calibers.

"We developed the kit in response to requests we received from our customers for a 5.45mm ammunition weapon so that they could use the ammunition in their inventories,” said Uri Amit, IWI’s CEO. “This enables considerable savings by allowing our customers to change the rifle barrel according to the ammunition on hand, as well as matching the weapon to the evolving operational scenarios.”

The X95 has an effective range of 500 meters in its rifle and carbine configuration and 150 meters in its 9mm submachine gun mode.

The new kit has tested in extreme conditions including dust, water, heat, and cold for reliability and shooting accuracy, IWI officials maintain.

Examples of the converted weapons will be exhibited at Interpolitex in Moscow, Oct. 23-26 and ExpoDefensa in Colombia, Oct. 31-Nov. 2.

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