Laptop built to protect classified docs

General Dynamics C4 Systems recently unveiled a new laptop that’s supposed to keep classified information safer when you’re at home or on travel.

GD officials maintain that the new TACLANE MultiBook laptop is certified by the National Security Agency to secure network communications to the secret level, allowing secret-squirrel government types to operate on unclassified and classified networks simultaneously.

“For the first time, these specialized workers can merge real life with work life using the TACLANE-MultiBook,” said Chris Marzilli, president of General Dynamics C4 Systems, in a recent press release.  “To get the same level of information security that the new computer provides, users would need three or more information security devices, at twice the cost of the TACLANE-Multibook, and still not have the MultiBook’s mobility.”

TACLANE Data-in-Transit encryption protects information being sent to and from classified networks, and the ProtecD@R® Data-at-Rest encryption protects data stored on the computer from loss or theft, GD officials maintain.

MultiBook starts at $5,790 and is available on GSA.

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