Nuke director: Iran not building nuclear submarines


The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization told a state sponsored news service that Iran has no plans right now to develop a nuclear powered submarine despite the recent support inside Iran's parliament.

U.S. officials essentially scoffed at this idea pointing out how young Iran's nuclear program still is. To think the country's scientists could design a reactor to power a submarine seemed far fetched.

The move by Iran's parliament to draft a bill to enrich uranium to a point it could power a submarine's nuclear reactor was more or less a symbolic move of defiance in the face of international sanctions imposed on Iran because of its nuclear program, defense analysts have said.

Fereydoun Abbasi Davani, Iran's Atomic Energy Organization director, made sure to point out that Iran did have the ability to design a nuclear submarine. It just hasn't started, yet.

"We don’t have a plan right now in this area," Abbasi Davani said.

He insisted that Iran's nuclear program is focused solely on non-military interests and enrichment activities remain in Tehran. If Iran changes its mind in respect to developing a nuclear submarine, Abbasi Davani said the government would notify the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency.

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