Report: Chinese PLA Access 80% of "World's Communications"


China has found a backdoor to access 80 percent of the "world's communications" to include information passed through the internet and sensitive infrastructure databases, writes a former senior security analyst for the Pentagon.

F. Michael Maloof, who now writes for WND, cites Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd and ZTE Corporation as the companies the Chinese government and People Liberation Army can use to gain access to this information via commercial networks installed by each Chinese electronic manufacturer.

"The two companies give the Chinese remote electronic “backdoor” access through the equipment they have installed in telecommunications networks in 140 countries. The Chinese companies service 45 of the world’s 50 largest telecom operators," Maloof writes.

He goes further to say the Chinese are working to access the remaining 20 percent. Individuals and companies who communicate over their "virtual private networks" or VPNs are especially susceptible. Sources have told Maloof those networks are leaking like a "sieve" to Chinese data collectors, especially those that connect to companies based in places like Mexico.

U.S. government officials are aware of this threat. The U.S. House Intelligence Committee has also chosen to investigate the two companies in question. U.S. Commerce Department leaders banned Huawei from helping build a national wireless network as Maloof also points out.

It's easy to connect this to the further cyber threat posed by the Chinese. It also brings to mind the 1,800 cases of counterfeit Chinese parts found in U.S. military equipment to include missile defense systems and intelligence sensors. On the drum beats for more cyber awareness inside the Pentagon.

If you want to hear more from Maloof on the subject he did an interview on The Cyber Jungle about the topic. Fast forward to the last segment when Maloof's interview picks up.

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