A New Chinese Fighter!? Sigh, No


Is that another UFO being trucked cross country or China's newest stealth fighter? Nope, it's just a lengthened version of a Hongdu L-15 jet trainer -- which is said to be developed with assistance from from the Russian Yak-130 team -- stopping for a Big Gulp at a rest stop on the highway from Beijing to Shenyang, China.

Teh Internets have been abuzz this morning with rumors that this is China's newest fighter. Nope.

Nice Audi.

Ps. Some are suggesting that this is really is Shenyang's F-60 stealth fighter design. While there are similarities, I'm not convinced. The aircraft size, cockpit, leading-edge extensions and wing designs resemble an L-15 too strongly for me to say this an new jet.

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