Syrian Rebels' DIY Armored Trucks


How do Syrian rebels shuttle around their cities when government snipers are quick to fire on anything that moves? They simply hop in the beast shown above, ride through a hail of government bullets and take out said snipers.

The photo above shows a Suzuki pickup that's been converted into a gasoline-powered turtle armed with a DSHK machine gun.  Apparently, the Turtle (we're giving it that nickname, right here, right now, even though the rebels call it the T-HOMS75) carries a driver, a gunner and an asissistant and can hit speeds of up to 49 mph while protecting its occupants from light and medium caliber bullets.

Speaking of Syrian rebels, click here to see their latest flamethrower and click through the jump to watch a video of them using a different armed Suzuki pickup to shoot at a government Mi-8 helicopter.


Via The Aviationist.

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