VIdeo: ATK's Hatchet

ATK showed off a compact little bomb it’s developing for use on small UAVs at the Navy League’s Sea, Air and Space show in Maryland this week. Dubbed the “Hatchet,” this 60mm munition can be mounted on platforms such as the ScanEagle and is designed to offer a low-collateral damage alternative to the Hellfire missile -- originally designed to take out armor -- carried by the Predator. The Hatchet features a miniaturized Laser JDAM Seeker warhead, made by Elbit Systems, and can be guided on to a target by GPS or an inertial guidance system. ATK is working with the Army, Navy and Air Force to develop the system for use against soft targets in urban areas. By that we mean it can be fired into a bad guys living room and not necessarily wipe out an innocent family next door. -- Matt Cox Click through the jump to watch the video.

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