Video: The Apache's Chain Gun Goes Naval

ATK has modified its 30mm chain gun carried by the U.S. Army's AH-64 gunship for use on Navy patrol craft and helicopters. ATK officials showed off the company's new M230LF 30mm chain gun at the Navy League's Sea, Air and Land show. The M230LF features a percussion-primed firing system rather than the electrically-primed system on the M230.

Apparently the Navy has strict safety regulations that prohibit the use of electrically-primed weapons aboard ship. The M230LF operates like a more traditional machine gun and includes a new linked ammunition feeding system. The Apache's M230 features a link-less feeding system that relies on a magazine box that must be loaded by hand. ATK is working with the Navy to develop the M230LF as a possible replacement for the .50 caliber machine gun on small surface vessels -- where it could fend off swarms of attacking boat -- and some helos, according to ATK.

-- Matt Cox

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