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No, this isn't tech related but it's damned interesting and important. Our sister site Line of Departure just posted this guest piece by Michael Yon detailing his efforts to determine the status of the only American POW in Taliban custody, Sgt. Bowie Bergdahl.

We're publishing this here because its important not to forget about Bergdahl, captured while on a foot patrol in June 2009, as America starts thinking of how to leave Afghanistan.

Anyway, Yon's post indicates that Berghdal may be in good health several months after he is rumored to have made an escape attempt.

Here's an excerpt from Yon's post.

Numerous times I have asked the Taliban to allow me to visit Bowe.  In each case, the Taliban have declined by citing security issues.

It has been said that I am negotiating with the Taliban for Bowe’s release.  This is untrue.  I have asked only to visit.  Nothing more.

This morning, I received two emails from the account of Zabihullah Mujahid, a high-level Taliban spokesman in regard to Bowe Bergdahl:

===Begin Taliban message===

dont worry , we are not like Americans  who are doing to bad with their presnors in their preson , may be you remember or not the lady who was in our preson b4 and then she became muslim . it was because of good behaviour of our comanders . He is safe and have good health and sorry for this to say that we will invite you to see him becase of some security reasons .

But I asure you that he is happy and have good health . our holy prophet (Hazrat muhammad ) pbuh   teach us how to deal with presnors .  so once again dont worry abut him , and my reqards and about his health to his family . be safe.

===End Taliban message===

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