Pic of the Day: Harriers on a Big Deck Carrier


Here's a sight I bet you weren't expecting. The image above shows U.S. Marine Corps AV-8 Harriers operating off a big deck aircraft carrier.  The pic was taken in the 1970s when the Marines were testing out the jump jets aboard the  Midway class aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, a ship that was commissioned just after World War II ended in late 1945.

The A-model Harriers were embarked aboard the decaying Roosevelt in late 1976 and early 1977 to demonstrate that jump jets could indeed operate from ships.

As you know, the Marines' current fleet of AV-8B Harriers only operates from land installations and the Tarawa and Wasp class amphibious assault ships, which aren't too much smaller than the Roosevelt was when she was commissioned.

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