Britain Sending Air Defense Ship to Falklands


Well then. An already turbulent 2012 is getting even weirder ina geopolitical sense. Britain just announced that it is sending one of its most sophisticated warships, HMS Dauntless, to the Falkland Islands in March.

Not only is the pride of the Royal Navy on its way south, the Type 45 destroyer (rumor has it the 8,000-ton Type 45s have the radar signature of a fishing trawler) can demolish any gaucho pilots who dare disrupt tea time, reports the UK's Telegraph newspaper:

Dauntless will set sail for the Falkland Islands in the coming weeks armed with a battery of missiles that could "take out all of South America's fighter aircraft let alone Argentina's," according to one Navy source.

The Type 45 destroyer is the most advanced anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic ship in the world equipped with 48 Sea Viper missiles and the Sampson radar, which is more advanced than Heathrow air traffic control

The ship is in a league of its own in air defence able to track dozens of multiple targets

"It can shoot down Argentine fighters as soon as they take off from they bases," said another Navy source. "This will give Buenos Aires serious pause for thought."

Well then.

This comes after Argentina banned any Falklands registered ships from docking in its ports. In response, the Brits decided to send the Argentine government a message:

Admiral Lord West, the former First Sea Lord and Falklands veteran, said the Type 45 has an “amazing anti-air warfare capability.”

He also sent a warning to the Buenos Aires government. “Should there be any foolish nonsense from Argentina, Dauntless can sit just off the airfield and take down any aircraft coming in. It’s a game-changing capability.”

Hopefully, the Royal Navy can afford to send Dauntless on patrol with enough weapons to actually defend herself.

I've got to admit I haven't been paying a ton of attention to the Falklands recently in light of events in Afghanistan, Iran, the European economic mess, etc. But hey, it looks like Britain and Argentina want to get all upset again over some sheep ranching territory. Right. Moving on.

Yes, I know there might be oil nearby.

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