Hot Docs: DoD's 2013 Budget Briefing Documents


Here's where you'll see the weapons programs are going to thrive going forward and the types that won't (barring Capitol Hill getting involved, which you've always got to factor in). Below you'll the Pentagon's basic budget documents that the DoD has released to coincide with the budget rollout that we've been live Tweeting. The first is a basic fact sheet highlighting the DoD's 2013 budget numbers. Next you'll see a Pentagon document laying out DoD's top spending priorities for the 2013 budget request -- it shows some of the weapons programs that are funded and some of the ones that are cut. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey just said, this budget saves more than $250 billion over the next five years while spending more than $600 billion for this year.

Dempsey just called this budget a "down payment" on an effective future military

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Fact Sheet Budget//

Defense Budget Priorities//

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