Monday Morning Video: Tanks on a Train


Happy Monday, everyone. To kick things off I wanted to share this cool video of tons of what appear to be M2 Bradley fighting vehicles (without their Bushmaster chain guns installed, and yes, I know that M2's aren't really tanks) being shipped by train in California recently.

The video posted after the jump is one of several posted in the last few days showing this train making its way north accross the Golden State. Keep in mind that trainloads of military armor moving around the country are fairly routine, what's unique about this one is that so many people seem to have caught the same train on video. The southernmost video I found was filmed in coastal Santa Barbara a hour or two north of LA and the northernmost one shows the train stopped more than 300 miles north of there in Hayward which sits just south of Oakland in the Bay Area.

My guess is that the Bradleys, and a few fuel trucks, were being shipped to or from Fort Irwin, (or maybe the Port of Los Angeles) to the Port of Oakland where they could be loaded aboard ships or they were going to points much further north, possibly the Yakima Training Center. But really, who knows where the armored vehicles are going. The rail network splits off just north of Oakland near Sacramento in a way that would allow the vehicles to be shipped north or east.

Anyway, it's a cool video. Enjoy!



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