Inside an Abandoned Soviet Rocket Motor Factory

Happy Friday! These pictures of a rusting Soviet rocket motor factory taken by the adventurous young lady shown above have set the Internet abuzz. The explorer, named Lana, broke into the Energomash plant oustide Moscow and broke in, traipsing all over the place. As Animal NY points out, Russian officials are not pleased. Lana's website posted threatening letters from the government telling her “not make [her] situation worse.”

Interestingly, Energomash partnered with Pratt & Whitney in the 2000s to produce Russia's latest rocket motor, the RD-180 that powers the U.S.' fleet of Atlas rockets. Before that, the Russian company's  motors powered most Soviet and Russian spacecraft from 1965 to the present.

Well done, Lana and crew. These images really do look like the setting for a sci fi horror film.

Click through the jump for more pics and a link to her site.

A a couple of shots of the plant when it was operational:

Click here for many more oustanding pics.



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