Hot Doc: DoD's 21st Century Strategy


Below you'll find the Pentagon's new strategic guidance for the 21st Century. It's largely a recap of what we've all been told the DoD will need to do in the face of increasing budget pressure and Asia's rise; keep only programs vital to meeting our new security challenges, cut programs that don't meet modern security needs, trim personnel costs and focus much more of our military thinking on Asia.

Capabilities that will see investment include: Anti-access tech (think stealth, long-range strike weapons and UAVs); research and development programs; cyber war; counter-weapons of mass destruction; special operations and counter-terrorism; partnership-building programs.

The doc also hints that we'll likely see cuts to the size of the nation's nuclear arsenal, though it doesn't lay out how this will be achieved.

Speaking of specifics, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Martin Dempsey just told a bunch of reporters to wait until the new budget comes out after the President gives his state of the union address in a couple of weeks.

Click through the jump to read the document. Remember, it's intended to guide weapons buying and force-structure decisions going forward, so have a blast reading the tea leaves:

Defense Strategic Guidance//

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