Chinese Army Gets a New Armored Vehicle


We here at DT and the press in general have focused a lot on China's J-20 stealth figther and its new aircraft carrier. They're the sexy toys of China's military modernization and they will be key to China projecting military might someday, so it's natural that they receive a good deal of press. However, we shouldn't forget that China is also modernizing its ground forces.

Remember a few months ago we showed you a new class of Chinese armored vehicles that appeared to be in the works? Well, they've apparently entered service. The photos above and below -- posted on China Defense Blog show the new vehicles being shipped to a unit in northern China. As we've said earlier, it's unlcear if these are heavily upgraded variants of China's Type 89 and 86 armored fighting vehicles or it they're a brand new type. The vehicles being shipped north look like they  might be equipped with the 100 mm cannon found on Russia's BMP-3. Earlier pics of the vehicle show command post, recon and engineering variants.

Click through the jump for the other pic.

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