The Army's Latest Unmanned Bomb Detector

Take a break from all the Iran-Sentinel drone drama this week and check out this video showing one of the Army's latest anti-IED technologies. Basically, it's remotely controlled version of a standard Bobcat construction vehicle equipped with various bomb detection and disposal tools. Developed and fielded by the Army's Rapid Equipping Force, the little vehicle is designed to travel ahead of dismounted troops on trails that are too small to accommodate MRAP sized IED detection gear. One version of the Bobcat, dubbed the Marsupial Unmanned Ground Vehicle Sensor Package, even carries its own little robot that can be sent to examine bomb found by Bobcat's sensors.

The video above shows three versions of the robo-tractors designed to detect and help disarm IEDs. Click through the jump to see a version of the Bobcat called the Minotaur being used by U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

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