Turkey establishes the National Cyber Security Coordination Foundation.


By Kevin Coleman -- Defense Tech Cyberwarfare Correspondent

Countries around the world have growing concerns about the continued growth in cyber threats and attacks. As their concerns rise, they begin to prepare for what many believe is the inevitable – a significant attack on the critical infrastructure of their country. Turkey is the latest country to follow the lead of the United States in recognizing that the threats in cyber space are a growing national security concern.

Few details about the specifics of the National Cyber Security Coordination Foundation have been made public. It is believed that its primary goal is to rapidly establish a coordinated defense against cyber attacks. Turkey is taking a combined approach that will provide cyber defense for business as well as for the nation’s government and armed forces. One inside source said that “recent cyber hostilities” are what drove the Turkish government to take this step. It is easy to believe that when the Turkish government got into the throws of cyber defense and investigations of the sophisticated cyber attacks they have experienced lately, the need for such an organization became clear! Taking substantive steps like this are typically cyber event driven – reactive versus being proactive. Before Turkey’s election earlier this year, large-scale, coordinated cyber attacks against government web sites were launched and said to have been highly disruptive.

It will be interesting to see if Turkey, like several other countries, appoints a cyber diplomat as the point of coordination for all cyber efforts internationally.  This is another indicator of the maturing our approach to dealing with the global proliferation of cyber threats and weapons.

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