Iranian Navy to Patrol off U.S. Coast, What!?

Well, this is interesting. After recently sending its ships through the Suez Canal for the first time in decades, the Iranian Navy will apparently send ships to establish a "powerful presence" off the East Coast of the United States.

Here's CNN quoting Iran's state-run Islamic Republic News Agency:

"Commander of the Navy of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran broke the news about the plans for the presence of this force in the Atlantic Ocean and said that the same way that the world arrogant power is present near our marine borders, we, with the help of our sailors who follow the concept of the supreme jurisprudence, shall also establish a powerful presence near the marine borders of the United States," the story said. The reference to the "world arrogant power" was presumably intended to refer to the United States.

No word on what type of ships Iran will send to establish this "powerful force." Keep in mind, that this light frigate known as the Jamaran, is one of Iran's most modern and powerful ships. It carries four Noor class anti-ship missiles with a range of about 125-miles along with four SM-1 anti-aircraft missiles, light torpedoes and a 76 mm gun. Not exactly an Aegis destroyer.

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