Video: ISAF Fighting Off The Taliban Embassy Attackers


Check out these YouTube videos uploaded by ISAF showing U.S. Army soldiers, Marines, and unidentified troops in Desert Combat Uniforms armed with Kalashnikovs (Salamander says they're Macedonian) fighting off Taliban insurgents during Tuesday's attack on the U.S. embassy compound in Kabul.

While the insurgents failed to do serious harm to the embassy and its staff (though there were numerous Afghan casualties) they did seem to gain a PR victory due to the amount of media attention the incident received.

ISAF went on a PR offensive of its own, though, including a great twitter fight between ISAF and the Taliban during the kinetic assault. These videos are another part of that offensive. Just like insurgents love to broadcast their battlefield exploits, NATO is now showing off it's fighting prowess in a timely manner. Enjoy.

Two more videos below the jump.

The fighting gets more intense:

ISAF commander, Gen. John Allen (USMC) visits the troops just after the gunfight. (during the Twitter feud, the ISAF tweeter linked to this video and asked the Taliban if their CO would do this)

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