JLTV at Serious Risk?


Well, the Senate is looking to axe the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, the Army and Marine Corps effort to field a survivable yet maneuverable truck that bridges the gap between the relatively unwieldy MRAP and the thin-skinned yet versatile Humvee.

Sister site DoDBuzz reports that the Senate defense appropriations subcommittee cut the JLTV during its mark of the FY-12 defense appropriations bill,"citing shifting requirements and rising costs."

Buzz points out that the Army and Marines already have numerous ground vehicle buys in the works such as the Army's M-2 Bradley-like Ground Combat Vehicle, the Marines' Amphibious Combat Vehicle and the Army's Humvee recapitalization plan which may overlap with the JLTV's requirements for a survivable yet maneuverable light truck (in fact, JLTV is already playing a role in this effort).

We'll see what happens during tomorrow's vote on the bill by the full Senate Appropriations Committee. Remember, Congress is looking to cut billions from defense coffers. A truck that seems like it shares characteristics with the Humvee recap program or the M-ATV (smaller, lighter version of an MRAP) may be seen as redundant and wasteful by lawmakers.

Here's what subcommittee chair Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-HI) had to say about the cut:

“The bill terminates the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program due to excessive cost growth and constantly changing requirements.  The committee believes that alternatives exist today to meet the Army and Marine Corps’ requirements to recapitalize and competitively upgrade the Humvee fleet, and supports funding for those programs.
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