Venezuela Flying Russian Stealth Jets?


Last week we wrote quite a bit about China's J-20 stealth fighter, asking you what you think the plane will be used for and how effective it will be against other fifth-gen fighters. Another question that comes to mind is; how would the J-20 fare on the international market (if China decides to export it). I thought this after seeing a recent piece in Aviation Week that says Russia thinks it can sell 1,000 of its T-50 PAK FA stealth jets around the world.

Keep in mind that this figure includes the 200 jets apiece that are already slated for the Russian and Indian air forces. While the PAK-FA isn't as stealthy as the F-22 Raptor, it's apparently designed to be more maneuverable than other fifth-gen planes and it's slated to enter service mid-decade -- that is, if the Russian's can get the plane into production by then.

Among the nation's that T-50-builder Russian think tank Tsamto sees as potential customers for the plane after 2025 are Algeria, Kazakhstan, Syria, Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina. Don't forget that South Korea is already looking at buying the PAK FA.

Here's that article, enjoy.

oh, and going back to the PLAAF click below the jump for (relatively) close up picture of the J-20's cockpit and the plane's 3-D HUD.

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