DT Exclusive Video: FiFi the B-29

Below you'll find an exclusive video tour of FiFi, the last airworthy B-29 Superfortress bomber still around. She's a B-29A similar to the atomic bomber, Enola Gay. Unlike her famous cousin, FiFi, built in 1944, never saw combat during the war.

She was rescued by the Texas-based Commemorative Air Force around 1970-71 after spending more than a decade on the ground at the Navy's China Lake weapons test range in the California desert.

The B-29 was the only aircraft to ever drop an atomic weapon in anger and feautred a number of technological firsts for a U.S. bomber including having a fully pressurized cabin and remotely-controlled .50-caliber machine gun turrets. In the video, watch for the pressurized tunnel spanning the unpressurized bomb bay that allowed aircrew to move back and forth between the forward and aft compartments of the plane.

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