How Many of Gadhafi's Weapons Remain Hidden?


Even with rebels essentially in control of the Libyan capitol of Tripoli, Moammar Gadhafi's forces have lobbed three scud missiles at the city of Misurata in a useless, last ditch effort to put down the rebellion. Just like the scud launched by Gadhafi's forces earlier this month, the three missiles fired on Aug. 22 caused no damage.

Again, one has to wonder just how much heavy weaponry has escaped NATO's crosshairs. At one point, Gadhafi had as many as 240 Scud B missiles in his arsenal. We know that at least four survived. In the coming months, expect to see hidden caches of regime weapons emerge.

One thing that the West needs to be thinking of is how to find and secure any of Gadhafi's hidden weapons stockpiles before they fall into the wrong hands.

Who knows, the dictator may surrender unconditionally or be killed and a legit rebel government may take his place. However, there's also the chance that he'll disappear and use those hidden weapons to fuel a post-Saddam Iraq-style insurgency. Even with Gadhafi out of the picture, those weapons could find their way into terrorists hands all over the African continent. As you've read here, the proliferation of Libya's surface-to-air missiles has long been a concern.

There's also the threat that Libya's various tribes and different factions within the rebellion will begin fighting each other and that these weapons stockpiles will only help fuel a new phase in the Libyan civil war.

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