Did The J-20 Come From This MiG?


That's the cancelled Russian MiG 1.44 stealth fighter, a plane that many have noted has external similarities with China's new J-20 stealth jet.  Now, Russian defense sources are saying that design data and parts from the MiG 1.44 were indeed used in the design of the J-20.

From Reuters:

“It looks like they got access … to documents relating to the Mikoyan—the aircraft that the Ministry of Defense skipped over in its tender to create a stealth fighter,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

He said it was not clear whether such a transfer of technology had been legal. Analysts say Russia’s assistance to the Chinese may help Moscow keep tabs on the rising military power’s defense capabilities of its eastern neighbor.

Independent analyst Adil Mukashev, who specializes in ties between Russia and China, suggested there had been a financial transaction.

“China bought the technology for parts, including the tail of the Mikoyan, for money,” he said.

Considering Russia is already providing engines for the J-20, this seems pretty plausible that Moscow gave China access to its losing fifth-gen design (as you all know, the Kremlin chose the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA as its stealth fighter over the MiG). I'm still curious as to what's inside the J-20 with regards to its sensors and avionics and EW tools. Story Continues