What's DEVGRU Building in There??


Apparently the SEALs want to make their own ...something? Sister site Kit Up! just spotted a solicitation by Navy DEVGRU (formerly known as SEAL Team Six) commando asking for a CNC machine to make god knows what.

Here's an excerpt from the solicitation:

The government is seeking to purchase a CNC Machine with the following characteristics (not all inclusive): An integral water tank with air ballast water leveling system (constructed of steel), cutting access from at least 3 sides, forklift tubes to allow for positioning, two (2) trolley gantry, integrated PC/software/monitor, settling tank and sump pump, ethernet interface to allow for the transfer of large files and designs, equipped with NC geomate CAM software, installation / set-up and on-site training on the machine and software for 5 days, the entire CNC machine should be designed for heavy duty use, 500 pound hopper for abrasive materials, fully programmable abrasive feeder and dispenser.
The unit may want to make it's own modifications to weapons and equipment. As a commenter at Kit Up! points out, doing such work in house would keep costs down, maintain secrecy and allow members to experiment with new ideas.

Anyone have any input as to what this might be for?

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