U.S. China Cyber Détente


By Kevin Coleman -- Defense Tech Cyber Warfare Correspondent

You would have to have been totally isolated from the Internet to have missed all the coverage about cyber attacks on U.S. targets that have been attributed to China. Some claim that attacks from the U.S. on China are equal to those the U.S. gets from China. While few individuals know the true magnitude of these attacks in either direction, it is clear this is a huge problem that shows no sign of going away anytime soon. Last week, perhaps the most respected U.S. statesman, Dr. Henry Kissinger, who really was the catalyst for the U.S.’ relationship with China back in the 70’s, made a statement concerning the current cyber threat environment with China. In his statement he recommended the two nations need to come to some sort of cyber détente to mitigate this rapidly growing issue. Détente in this context is defined as an easing of tensions or strained relations between countries through the establishment of an agreement, through negotiation or though implicit understandings between the parties. Chinese officials have stated that they are open to discussions with the international community about Internet security.

One has to stop and think of just how dangerous the acts of cyber aggression have become when a senior statesman and international relations expert like Henry Kissinger comes out with such a statement. Also include in your thoughts the fact that in the past 6 months the U.S. State Department has established new positions specifically in the cyber domain.

Clearly cyber tensions between the U.S. and China are running high. Perhaps it is time these talks take place!

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