Great Images of the Ghost Fleet


If you want to see something really cool, look at this collection of images from a team that made its onto the U.S. Maritime Administration's reserve fleet in Suisun Bay California. I used to drive past these ships all the time fantasizing about doing this. Above is a shot of Lockheed's Sea Shadow stealth demonstrator ship inside the dry dock barge originally built for the super secret effort to raise the Soviet submarine K-129. (Imagine breaking into the barge and coming across that?) Below are a few of the cooler shots including several of the battleship U.S.S. Iowa.

For decades after World War II, the Suisun Bay fleet held hundreds of ships but that has dwindled to a few dozen today. The Maritime Administration maintains two other such fleets in Beaumont, TX, and James River,VA.  And don't forget the U.S. Navy's own reserve fleets in Philly and Puget Sound, WA.

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