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By Kevin Coleman -- Defense Tech Cyberwarfare correspondent

You can tell by the number of blog posts on here last week that things have heated up within the cyber domain. Many have said we have reached unprecedented levels of malicious activities. Others look at this and feel this is now the new norm. When I think back to when I first began blogging here, it was difficult to cover new topics of interest without diving down into the mundane. Now the problem is there is so much occurring each and every week, deciding what to cover is the challenge.

Often times the most common topics of the week are bypassed for stories that are meaningful yet under-reported or not discussed at all. Many of you have suggested topics and as you can see those suggestions are taken seriously and covered. The latest suggestion surrounded a subject we have been monitoring for years. Now it appears the time has come to include this subject matter into our subjects routinely covered in this blog. CYBER CRIME! We know that terrorist groups such as al Qaeda have resorted to acquiring stolen credit card data to fund some of their operations (reference: the arrest of al Qaeda’s Chief Cyber Terrorist, code named “Irhabi 007” back in 2007).

So from now on we will cover cyber crimes that are related to the cyber warfare domain. The biggest question about the cyber crime area is the old problem of attribution. How do you know who is really behind any act co cyber aggression – cyber attack or cyber crime? Now, consider one of last week’s blog postings that covered “Cyber Attacks being an act of war.”


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