Armed Westerners in Libya Working for Arab Govts?


So reports are now surfacing that say those six armed western-looking dudes filmed talking to Libyan rebels near Misurata last week may be mercs hired by wealthy Arab states who are participating in the operations to oust Gadhafi.

From the UK's Daily Mail newspaper:

One possibility is that the men could be former British special forces, working privately. It has long been thought that Britain has boots on the ground in Libya. In March it was announced that Britain was sending advisers to the country to provide ‘logistical advice’ to rebels fighting in the east of the country.

The Mail has been told that ex-SAS mercenaries, funded by Arab states, could be used as forward air controllers for the rebels, calling in pinpoint air strikes on Gaddafi’s forces.

One source said: ‘We could indirectly employ former military people. A lot of the oil companies over there already have ex-special forces personnel working there.’

As we wrote earlier this week, it's already been acknolwedged that they are likely ex-SAS and other special operators. Who knows, maybe they're even part of Blackwater USA founder Eric Prince's new effort to raise a small merc army for the UAE, a country that is participating in enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya.
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