Cyber Attacks Can Be Viewed As An Act of War


By Kevin Coleman -- Defense Tech Cyber Warfare Correspondent

Over the weekend information leaked out about a DoD strategy document due to be released in June. The information leaked from this document makes the Pentagon’s position clear – Cyber Attacks May Be Considered an Act of War! The information shocked outsiders as is clearly evident by the amount of media attention, but was not new to those that have been involved in the cyber warfare domain. The Pentagon’s new strategy document is a warning to those who would be our cyber adversaries of the consequences if/when they launch cyber attacks against the U.S.

It is about time. We have played defense for far too long and cyber attacks have continued to increase. There has to be a cost associated with launching cyber attacks against our systems and networks. Remember the old saying; the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

A cruise missile taking out a data center spewing malicious traffic is now on the table as a real option. I must say the timing is interesting. Using kinetic (bombs & bullets) in response to cyber attacks (bits & bytes) has been talked about but this is in a different context.

I must say the leak occurring after Lockheed experienced what has been called "a significant and tenacious attack" makes me wonder.

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