Another Narco Tank Seized in Mexico



In addition to full-on submarines, it looks like the drug cartels are making another piece of heavy military hardware a standard part of their arsenals. Mexican authorities have seized another truck modified by drug traffickers to resemble an infantry fighting vehicle.

This latest find is based on a Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup and features a pop-up battering ram, a rotating gun turret and steel armor complete with numerous firing ports for use by the people inside. Apparently, the cops found the "narcotank" abandoned on a rural road after a gunfight between rival cartels members in the town of Mezquitic. This is the second "drug tank" captured by Mexican authorities in less than two months.  So, it appears that the "Federales" and other authorities throughout the region (including the United States) are engaged in a mini arms race with the traffickers (although, from the reports, it sounds like this vehicle was being used against other cartels not the police). We're already using Cold War technology developed to hunt the pinnacle of Soviet submarine tech to find the newest generation of narco-subs. What's next? Will we see Mexican police regularly carrying antitank weapons in their patrol vehicles?

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