U.S. Supplying Allies With Bombs for Libya Campaign


So a little while ago reports surfaced saying that NATO forces were running out of precision munitions to bomb Libya with, NATO officials quickly denied that rumor and France even started using GPS-guided concrete training bombs against Gadhafi's tanks.

Now AFP is reporting that the United States is supplying NATO allies with precision bombs and spare parts to conduct the air war over Libya:

The U.S. military is supplying bombs and spare parts to allies carrying out strikes in the NATO-led air campaign against Libya's regime, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

"We have provided material support, including munitions, to Allies and partners engaged in operations in Libya" since April 1, spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said in an email.

All in all, the U.S. has contributed about $24.3 million in "repair parts, ammunition and technical support," said Lapan. This comes amidst reports that NATO is upping its game against Gadhafi with some of the heaviest air raids yet. We'll see how much more it takes to dislodge the strongman. We've only been hitting him with everything from B-2 stealth bombers and Tomahawk cruise missiles to UAVs, and possibly attack helicopters, armed with Hellfire missiles for months now.


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